DP-2000 Binocular Pupillometer - NeurOptics
dp-2000 binocular pupillometer
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PC-based Desktop Pupillometer

The binocular/dual camera system measures both eyes at once. With 9 different levels of stimulus, it stimulates the direct, consensual, or both eyes simultaneously.


Binocular dual-camera system measures both eyes at once

Multi-chromatic (4 ultra-bright color light stimulus: white, green, blue and red)

Video stream captured at 30Hz, 0.05mm pixel resolution

Stimulates direct, consensual, or both eyes simultaneously

Pupil variables: Latency, diameter at onset and peak of constriction, constriction and dilation velocity, 75% recovery time

Light intensities defined in Lux or pure radiometric units (W/m2); can be adjusted over ~5 logunit range by increments of 0.1 log-units

Automatic tracking and pupil detection

Waveform of light stimulation can be customized using a simple graphical interface or defined in a file using Microsoft Excel®

Saves pupil profile and light stimulus data in a file (Excel® compatible) for external/ independent analysis

Please note that this product is not CE marked.