PLR-4000 - NeurOptics
plr-4000 hand-held
pupil examination, pupil pressure measurement, pupil reaction, pupillary, pupillary light reflex pupillometer, pupillometry
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PLR®-4000 Pupillometer

Important Research Tool

Used by researchers and clinicians at leading universities, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations worldwide

Quickly and accurately measures pupil size and pupillary reactivity

Simple to Use and Operate

One button activation

No calibration required

Portable, battery operated, hand-held device

Durable, ergonomic design

“Great quantitative tool for research.”

–Sr. Researcher

More insight on pharmacokinetic data.”

–Clinical Study Manager

Reproducible Measurement Results

Testing has shown that the NeurOptics® Pupillometer is consistent from unit to unit and operator to operator. In fact, the NeurOptics Pupillometer has the highest accuracy and lowest error of all commercially available pupillometers, while at the same time being the most economical hand-held infrared device.


Adjustable settings (intensity, duration and onset of light stimulus, duration of measurement, background illumination)

Data stored on device, results uploadable to external computer via USB

Accuracy ± 0.03mm

Video playback and downloading video of last measurement

Extended pupil recording (≤ 10 minutes) without light stimulus, ≤ 24 seconds with light stimulus

Objective Measurement