NPi®-300 Pupillometer Resources
resource center – critical care
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NPi®-300 Pupillometer Resources

Clinical Educational Materials

Product Information

NPi®-300 Pupillometer System Brochure

NPi®-300 Emergency Department Brochure

NPi®-300 Instructions For Use

NPi®-300 Quick Start Guide

NPi®-300 11x17 Quick Reference Poster

Product Images

To download images, click on image and right-click on larger image.
NPi®-300 Pupillometer System
NPi®-300 Pupillometer in Charging Station
NPi®-300 Pupillometer
NPi®-300 Wireless Charging Station
NPi®-300 Charging Station and Pupillometer
NPi®-300 Incorporated Barcode Scanner
NPi®-300 Pupillometer Measurement

NPi®-300 Pupillometer Results Screens and Video Replay

Clinical Papers and Educational Textbooks

AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing
Interrater Reliability of Pupillary Assessments
Pupillary Reactivity As an Early Indicator of Increased Intracranial Pressure
The Use of Automated Pupillometry in Critical Care
Understanding the Relationship Between the Neurologic Pupil Index and Constriction Velocity Values
Quantitative versus standard pupillary light reflex for early prognostication in comatose cardiac arrest patients: an international prospective multicenter double-blinded study
Quantitative pupillometry for the monitoring of intracranial hypertension in patients with severe traumatic brain injury

Clinical Publications and Scientific Abstracts