NeurOptics | The Smart Approach to Pupillary Evaluation
NeurOptics develops and markets innovative technology for use in critical care medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, ophthalmology and research.
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A Message From NeurOptics


We are in this together.


March 24, 2020 – NeurOptics would like to express our sincere gratitude to the global healthcare community for their selfless dedication in serving patients during this challenging time. We are profoundly grateful to the clinicians and healthcare providers on the front lines of this global COVID-19 pandemic crisis around the world. You are our heroes, and we thank you all.

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At NeurOptics, we have taken several steps to help address this global health crisis and we will continue to do so by:

Focusing on providing access to our products. NeurOptics will maintain normal business operations and we stand ready to continue to serve hospitals around the world during this unprecedented time. Our team is committed to continuing to supply pupillometry products to ensure you and your staff have the products you require.


Supporting the needs of our customers in the clinical environment. Our field employees, who work with customers in hospital settings, are collaborating with healthcare providers in new ways, such as video conferencing for product and clinical training, to make every effort to reduce COVID-19 exposure.


Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by implementing employee remote work options and increased safety measures. For employees who can work remotely, we have shifted to a work-from-home approach. In other roles such as manufacturing, we are practicing social distancing and prescribed hygiene measures like regular handwashing.

At NeurOptics, we are focused on providing healthcare teams the pupillometry products they need to continue to treat patients around the world while keeping our employees safe. All of us at NeurOptics are honored to serve your pupillometry needs and we stand ready to support you in any way possible.

We are in this together.


Stay safe.


Our Team at NeurOptics

NeurOptics – The Leader in the Science of Pupillometry.

Driven by a passion to help clinicians improve patient outcomes, NeurOptics develops and markets innovative technology for use in critical care medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, emergency medicine and applied research. 


Represented in over 26 countries worldwide


Adopted in over 400 hospitals in the U.S.


Over 431,000 patients monitored since January 2016

Introducing the NeurOptics Smart Approach to Pupillary Evaluation

A completely automated system from patient admission to discharge


The NPi®-200 Pupillometer

SmartGuard® and

SmartGuard® Reader

NeurOptics® Barcode Scanner by Socket®

barcode scanner

An accurate, reliable and objective system

that saves valuable nursing time

and eliminates potential charting errors


The NPi-200 Pupillometer is a hand held device that provides accurate, reliable and objective pupil size and reactivity data, independent of examiner.


NeurOptics provides pupillometry instrumentation offering monocular or binocular for human and animal research across all research applications.

What some current Pupillometer users have to say about the device: