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March 24, 2017 – Two Poster Presentations presented at the 2017 American Association of Neuroscience Nursing (AANN) focusing on Pupillometry


BOSTON, MA – Two clinical poster presentations were presented at the American Association of Neuroscience Nursing (AANN) Annual Meeting in Boston this week focusing on the use of pupillometry.

The first poster, “Establishing Normative Values for Pupillometer Readings”, authored by B Carlisle, T Bennett, S Stutzman, T Tien Ho, V Aiyagari and D Olson from UT Southwestern Medical Center, sets the foundation for automated pupillometer assessment data by providing descriptive data on over 5,000 readings from over 300 patients with a variety of neurologic pathologies. The poster provides a foundation for a better understanding of the pupil norms when using a pupillometer (NeurOptics NPi-200 Pupillometer) and when a Neurological Pupil index™ (NPi®) measurement is considered abnormal. The poster can be viewed here.


A second poster, “There’s more than Meets the Eye- Focusing on the Future of Automated Pupillometry: A Case Study”, authored by K Brown and D Pelanda from OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital, illustrated a case study demonstrating how pupillometer trends, using the NeurOptics NPi-200 Pupillometer, served as an early indicator of a middle cerebral artery ischemic stroke. The poster can be viewed here.